Who we are

MountDigit Technology is a consulting firm with proven records on different areas of works since last 15 years. This website provides you information related to the objectives of our company, its organizational structure, area of work and the key works it has accomplished in the field of policy, research and development. MDT’s company profile provides details of the major projects it has accomplished, the pool of experts and a list of core staff.

You are welcome to navigate through this website to know more about our company. Please feel free to contact us if you have any related questions or if you require any consulting services in the areas of our expertise!

Established in 2001, MDT is continuously providing services to its clients such as ADB, World Bank, JICA, SDC, and Nepal Government. Although initially established as an IT firm, over the past 15 years it expanded its work domain to the socio-economic sector, particularly, agriculture extension, forestry and environment, and community development. MDT has a management team comprising of individuals with excellent managerial skills and capabilities who ensure effective and efficient delivery of the responsibilities undertaken. The management team emphasizes on a better learning environment and opportunity to the employees. MDT’s employees are highly motivated to work hard and accomplish the assigned tasks timely and efficiently.

Recently, six thematic groups are formed within the company, namely Agriculture Value Chain; Natural Resource, Forestry and Environment; Democracy, Governance and Federalism; Planning, Policy and Economic Growth; Health and Population, and Information Technology. Each group meets regularly to share ideas, and discuss on the on-going projects. There is regular brainstorming on the pertinent development issues. The Company has made significant departure in terms of its work scope and approach. Though MDT is currently not involved in the health, governance and the IT sector, however, the MDT team is planning to revive the IT, as well as looking opportunities to engage in the health and governance sectors in the future. MDT has worked in all the three ecological regions (Mountains, Hills, and Terai) and in all the Seven Provinces of the country.

Type of firm: Private Limited
Registration Number: 14929/057/58
Type of services provided: Consulting Services
Registered Office: Office of the Company Register, Kathmandu, Nepal
VAT 500198816